Wednesday, November 15, 2006


Saturday, November 25th 2006 - 14.30h
Wolpop Festival - De Koornbeurs, Voldersgracht 1, Delft (NL)
5,- Euro (for the entire festival?)

Friday, December 1st 2006 - 21.00
Locus 010 - Vlasmarkt 1, Rotterdam (NL)
3,- Euro

Today we got the piece in its virgin state! The first time that it all flowed together well, very close to what I had imagined / hoped for to happen in many ways. It costs the performers a lot of concentration and energy, and many of them needed to shake off some of the accumulated energy.

it is special to experience how full and on the verge of tight the piece has become, due to the detailed richness of the presented material (which by now is in a rather set order, only the question of who will do which bit is fairly open) it could almost become too heavy.
there's where breathing comes in, relaxation from better experience, having done this more often.

let's hope for the best!! (it looks like i can't be at the premiere in Delft, but certainly in Rotterdam where we have the evening for ourselves...)


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