Saturday, October 28, 2006

tender buttons - still life

all in the Dattah-piece is going towards the idea of Gertrude Stein's "Tender Buttons" and her use of language there, confronting the still-ness of nouns, in contrast to the continuous action suggested by verbs and adverbs (read for reference her "Lectures in America", in this context especially 'Poetry and Grammar')

it looks like quite a bit of composition is about to be set already.
maybe it's the sequence that will be open???

and I like the idea of a still life to compare the relative tendency towards being static which I find is the result of setting composition in advance. just how far will it go?

I also like that I get to treat movement in terms of text as is done in literature, which it really is when it is put into composition, really just the same, just another aspect of living as we do, put in a different context. therefore I enjoy that there is no music as yet. i hope so will the dancers.

I also notice that it is a very musically-oriented composition so far, accents and dynamics such as are important in music are obviously important to me here, I happen to think a lot in rhythmical patterns before they become actual body movement..... this may be overly from a musical kind of thinking, and not at all apt for a movement composition with its own laws drawn from moving bodies... but i am willing to give myself enough leeway to work this piece out and see as i get along. ☺


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