Sunday, October 15, 2006

fall 2 - Dattah

I've been asked and am about to create a dance piece for Dattahdans a group of young people (mainly professional designers and in training) who are dancing together in Delft, NL
and had decided to use this concept for them. it's still clear that that should happen.

there was this idea of using movement only, to let it decompose into nothingness, whimsy, decay, even degeneration. i believe that's still a thing I have to be doing and I really want to go further here than my known conceptual backgrounding of a piece leading to improvisatory scores.

I want to go further into Open Form Composition with this, present a mood as an element to be recreated each time and it will be the question how, what has to be done in order for that to happen, for energy to be filtered and shaped thus.

will it be ....

and I want to further my daring for specific movement, to forster understanding of a movement as a thing in itself, as a directive element, not just a subservient fulfiller of a goal or a task or some 'higher' concept (brrrr~!)

the movement be the message (as if that wasn't enough)
kinetic thinking, emoting etc = a way out from the trappings of only functioning on vocal-based language, there's so much more, emotional, movement, smells

texts made of movement
(love to Gertrude Stein and her Tender Buttons' !!! ...)


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