Tuesday, October 10, 2006


in contrast to grey. which can be the sky, brown is connected with matter, the earth, soil. it has limits, it will only allow so and so much movement. in nature as well as in resulting societies. ties, necessities, codes, duties, nothing given to you unless you work for it to change and become fruitful (culminating in Protestant / Calvinist ethics, that which Germanians developed out of originally Mediterranean Christianity after having tried to assimilate it through Roman culture and its assimilated Greek / Hebrew / Oriental understanding ...)

if i continue the analogy with painting in Europe from about the 15th until the 19th century, I perceive an irresoluble tiedness to soil and mud, no escaping here. there was brown everywhere, organic, various shades of it, into reddish, or greenish, or yellowish, or whitish or greyish. but always brown, too.

no wonder it was sought to escape and transcend that, the aim of so many Mystical, Gnostic?, Ascetic, etc.

to get away further from the animal's exposedness to hunger, illness, and ever threatening annihilation. (seemingly not much given there either, or very little)

however, it is clear by now, that nothing substantial (!) will happen, unless this very organic, earth-bound existence is fully understood and accepted. any society or part of it that tried to escape further and failed to maintain its organic base, has so far perished, because it no longer could continue to feed itself. a famous example: the French aristocracy before the revolution of 1789.

there is also another way round: the failure of European cultures to accommodate the American experience of ease and movement in the 1920s, and hence their forced retreat into diverse kinds of Fascism (e.g. with Nazi-brown, but also black ...)
by contrast what a liberation in the colourful designs in fashion in the 1950s and 1960s.
(two video-examples that I've found on the web: No.1 and #2.)

no matter how, by again examining brown and organic matter from today's understanding that everything is vibrant with energy, but that there is also a vital base in organic understanding where the mind can literally be made to incorporate the laws of physical existence, I believe we can get another step closer to successful transcendency.


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